Wammy's House

Wammy's House - location in Winchester, England - is one of the many orphanages founded by Wammy (AKA Watari). After the second world war he started training and taking in Chrildren with exeptional intellegence and deduction skills. After his first success - L - he tried time after time to try and find a worth successor if L were to die. None of the Children who take residence at Wammy's know each other by name, instead they all have alias', usually in succession to letters of the Alphabet. (The only exception we know of being Matt)

[edit] Characters Related to the House

Lbullet.png Watari - Quillsh Wammy (W) was a famous inventor and philanthropist, founder of Wammy's House and now assissts L and acts as his mentor.
Lbullet.png Rodger Ruvie - A close friend of Wammy's and took over the orphanage when Wammy left. However he hates children and prefers insects.
Lbullet.png L Lawliet - Commonly known as the famous detective L, was found by Wammy and became a resident of his orphange. The current purpose of the house is to find a worthy successor.
Lbullet.png A: Was the first inline to success L. Nothing is really known about him apart from the fact that he broke under the pressure and commited suicide.
Lbullet.png Beyond Birthday (Backup/ B): Was the second child that was to success L. He was born with the Shinigami Eyes thus giving him the ability to see when people were going to die. H eventually ran away from the house and became the serial killer behind the Los Angles BB Case.
Lbullet.png Near (N): Was the first inline to succeed L in the later generation of the House. After L died Near was the one to take his place in the Kira Case.
Lbullet.png Mello (M): Was the second in line to succeed L (after Near), but was inferior in mental complexities and had a resentment towards Near and his meger second place. He leaves the house wishing to live his own life the way he want to. He is later killed by Kiyomi Takada by her using a scrap of paper from Light's Death Note after he attempted kidnap, which was added by Matt.

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