Having obtained and found out the FBI member's name who was wanching over him, Raye Penber, Light kills him. After Light kills him 5 other police members - one being Soichiro - willing to continue to invetigate on the Kira case. On his way to meet his father at the KIT's (Kira Invetigation Team) current headquarters, Light meets Raye's Fiancé, who wants revenge on Kira and has vital information that could prove that Light is Kira. With every Policeman on the case somewhat pre-occpied with their meeting with L Light takes it upon himslf to meet with the fiancé, and learned that she has figured out that Kira cna manipulate his victims before their death. Whilst talking to her she first gives Light a False name and when he tries to kill her, it fails. Later he gets her to reveal her true name - Naomi Misora - and then kills her a few minutes later by making her commit suicide. After L is informed or Naomi's death he immediatly turns to watch the CCTV caught of Raye's death. With Light looking like Kira L gets his house bugged with Camera's and microphones, to which Light quickly becoms aware of and gets Ryuk to find every single one.

No. Title English Release Japanese Release

November 8, 2005 July 2, 2004
The chapter follows up right after the murderer was hit by an ongoing vehicle. The detective slowly walks out only to have Light Yagami follow up behind him, he begins to converse with Light explaining how he is one of the FBI on a secret case. Light in his mind is pleased that the FBI agent hasn't suspected anything of him yet, his date then begs him to take her to the theme park, seeming to not care what current events just unfolded.

The detective Ray Pender then arrives at his house to see his wife waiting for him, as they begin to talk about the current events that just happened to the detective Ray mentions that she(his wife)was an outstanding FBI agent herself at one time. Ryuk asks Light to write his name in the Death Note but Light refrains and tells him he will need to write it in around next week so no one will have a better reason to suspect him.

Back in L's apartment L reads over the suicide note the victim of Kira had written and if you viewed the first letter of each line from the side a message is spelled out, the message read "L do you know?", Watari then asks for the images of the notes and L concludes that they may be receiving more letters of this sort from Kira's next victim(s). At the Police Department everyone hears word of four FBI agents being killed supposedly by Kira, L (talking to Watari) concludes that Kira somehow received the information of the other agents from another FBI agent and Waatari explains how he sent all of the files of the Friendlies to all of the FBI agents. Soon as word breaks out in the Police HQ employees after employees begin to quit. L receives one last suicide note with a code like the last ones written on its side, it read "Only Eat Apples"

November 8, 2005 July 2, 2004
The chapter begins with Ray Penber's fiancée mourning over his death but in the end she comes to the conclusion that no, he did not die, he was killed by Kira. L in his apartment stands around his computer going over the various information that he had just received about the killings of the FBI agents, working out how Kira attained their names and faces. Back at Light Yagami's house the family is having a meeting to discuss the fact that Soichiro Yagami is the head of the Kira case. His father then gets into the matter of the twelve FBI agents that had died while on the Kira case and how many of his men are resigning one by one. He begins to tell the family how grave this task is for whoever chases Kira has a very good likelihood of being killed. Everyone other than Light yells in protest that he should stop his task before he himself gets killed but he ignores the fact of his life and tells them that it is his duty to do this.

Light stands up and tells him he is admirable and that if anything happens to him he will personally put an end to Kira, Ryuuk compliments Light on his good acting as they head up the stairs. Ryuk and Light are now in a nearby subway where Light tells him that he has been doing experiments with the Death Note involving causes of death and actions before the death. In a hooded sweatshirt concealing himself Light eyes Ray Penber and slowly walks up to him and tells him that he is Kira and if he turns around he will kill him and his fiancée. Ray shocked, does not turn around and Light/Kira says he will demonstrate in a stand about 8 yards away Kira kills a man sweeping up the shop floors. Then Light hands a package to him and tells him to board the next train and sit at a window seat. Ray does as he is told and puts on the earphone Kira has given him and listens to his instructions. First, Kira makes him answer a series of question.

Then Kira tells him to call an agent ranked lower than you to get the information of the other 10 agents, Rya does as he is told, once Ray got the information Kira tells him to write the names of all the agents on the small cut out slips of the paper sealed in the package Ray was given.Kira said once he is finished not to get off the train and his fiancée will not be harmed. Kira then instructs him to put the papers back in the package and place them on the rack above him and sit there quietly for thirty minutes, Light tells him then to leave the train when no one will notice him. Ray leaves the train and curses under his breath wondering what Kira is up to, he then gulps and clenches his heart falling to the ground he looks up face on the floor and in the train door he sees Light Yagami.

November 8, 2005 July 2nd, 2004
The chapter begins with Ray's fiancee heading out to the bus with the jacking and she began to ask the driver if he saw her fiancee he said he remembered because he was the man that yelled get down but he said he couldn't remember any of the other passengers, she thanked him and left. At Light's house he chuckles at the newspaper articles in the newspaper paper and the upcoming TV shows on Kira, he sister though still teases him that he will most likely watch it. He then heads to his room to study for more exams and finds that his dad does not get New Years off. Light's dad at the police HQ begins to tell all the workers that there is a high chance they all maybe killed and that if they want back down they may do so now, but he said to all those brave enough to stay and fight be where they are now at 5 o' clock after his meeting. As he walks back he slowly opens the door and finds that there are only five men including himself L and Watari that makes Eight. L on the computer begins to discuss with the seven about his trust in them and one man says "How can we trust him when he doesn't even show us his face?" Others begin to agree and tell L that they will on the Kira case but only if he shows his face, and others explain that many other people doubt L and some even believe he is Kira. The group continue arguing but L finally speaks out and says, "I trusted only you people" L then explains that he will be meeting them very soon and that none of these meetings may be discussed with anyone. After that the group stands in the hallway discussing the matter more some of them still doubt L but you Mr. Yagami says that L wanted it this way so once many of the workers had resigned there would be a select few people that he knew he could trust. They go back in and another one of L's messages appears it read:

"I am in the Teito Hotel"

He says that he will be switching from hotel to hotel and each different one he is at will be there current headquarters, he also mentions the time of there arrival, he sais it should be before midnight meaning before 2004. L looks out of his window and ponders Kira's next moves and tells himself he will finally reveal his physical identity as L. And back at the Yagami household Light talks to Ryuk about the various moves he has been making recently and wonders has he made a mistake in his wide array of maneuvers.

The FIve head up the apartment elevator then to L's room, Mr. Yagami knocks and a voice from the other side replies...

"I've been expecting you.Please come in"

November 8, 2005 July 2nd, 2004
The chapter takes place where the last left off as the door opened a relatively small male person standing in front of the door. All the man said was "I am L" The chief and the other police introduced themselves by name and then awkwardly enough L pops his hand up in a gun shape and makes a bang sound, explaining that if he was Kira they would all have been dead already. L then goes over the fact that Kira needs to know the name and face of the victim to kill them so he mentions not to give away their names so easily, so his deduction is that Kira uses supernatural powers. L tells them they are about to begin so instructs them to turn off there cell phones and laptops then to place them on the table in the middle of the room. The group begins to converse that L still doesn't trust them but L interrupts them by inquiring that he just doesn't want their conversation interrupted by incoming phone calls. L sits in an akimbo* like fashion and tells them to not write anything down and not to call him L but Ryuuzaki. Their meeting begins. First someone recommends since Kira needs the name and faces of the his victims to kill them they should just stop broadcasting anything on the news about current criminals, but Kira reiterates by telling them that Kira will start killing innocent people. Someone asks L why he would do that and L replies by telling them that Kira is an immature sore loser like he is. They all stare in confusion them Cheif Yagami asks, "L what do you mean"? L explains that when he challenged Kira on national television Kira killed the fake L without a moments doubt, but when they announced that Kira is in Kanto the killing of Kira began to occur int hat same area. So L deduces that Kira that Kira is not afraid of any of the government/police's threats yet he counteracts them accordingly. L then again sais he is very stubborn and asks what they think Kira would do if they stopped broadcasting the news about criminals. L then explains that they meed the media to know nothing of them but he also states that several other countries have agreed to give them scientific and intelligence support. L then said that if they announce something like several world governments are furious about the recent actions Kira has taken and the Untied Nations are now sending in 1500 FBI agents to arrest Kira. Chief Yagami said he will bring this up with his superiors and will take this into full action. L then said he wishes to share a few personal insights he has on the case: Clearly Kira acts alone. Second Kira needs to know the name and face of the victims to kill them. And he can control the time of death and actions the victim does before his death to some extent. L then tells them to remember everything he has just said and keep listening. He then takes out a black marker and pulls the cap off and begins to write upon the desk. He then explains:Decmeber 14, 12 FBI agents entered Japan. December 19, Kira begins using the criminals that have been jailed to test out the control he has over his victims. So Kira had to have known the FBI agents were in Japan in those 5 days. On Decmeber 27 Kira gains all the files FBI agents and sends them to each one before killing them, L explains this is so no one will find out who did give the information to Kira, this also proves Kira had contact with at least one agent, L explains. He said that the bodies were found scattered throughout the city and during December 19-27, 23 other people were killed with criminal records. L said they were killed just as cover ups. L then deduces that because Kira waited 8 days before killing the FBI he was obviously one of the investigated. L then pulls up the order in which the FBI files were distributed on his computer. The group continues to brain storm. L asks if there are any questions and Cheif Yagami says he has one and asks, since L said that he was a sore loser did that mean that revealing himself to the group is a failure for himself. L replies by saying that their meeting and the death's of the 12 agents are all his fault, but he assures them all that he will win and justice always prevails. L lastly said he needs to investigate each of the police members in the room to assure everyone that none of them are Kira.

Raye Penber's fiancee takes the subway to an unknown destination but, as she gets off she heads upward, towards the Police HQ.

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