No. Title English Release Japanese Release

"Taikutsu (退屈)"
October 10, 2005 February 2, 2004
Light Yagami discovers Ryuk’s notebook, thinking it is some sort of prank he takes it home. From then we skip to 5 days later, Light seems like a different person from the one we see at the beginning. Again Light has arrived home, goes to his room. Behind him Ryuk shows himself, Light seems scared but once Ryuk introduces himself as a Shinigami he seems strangely prepared. Light shows Ryuk that he has filled pages of the Death Note.

We go back 5 days to the point Light discovers the Death Note is real. He writes the name of a criminal on television who is holding hostages, the criminal ends up dead but Light takes this a mere coincidence and seeks more proof. Later that day he is in a shop, he see’s a gang of men on motorcycles approach a women, they start hassling the women - Light, still watching, writes the leaders name in the Death Note along with a description of how he dies. Soon after the gang leader dies in the exact away Light writes, confirming to Light that the Death Note is real. Light is left shocked, he is convincing himself that what he did was right and that the world is rotten.

We come back to 5 days later with Light explaining to Ryuk that he will change the world by passing judgement to criminal. He wants to become god of the new world that he plans to create.

We move now to an Interpol meeting, police from around the world are discussing how all the criminals are dieing. The volume ends with a lone person is watching on a computer, he wants to help the investigation.

"Eru (L)"
October 10, 2005 February 2, 2004
At Interpol in a “Developed Nation” a meeting is happening. They realise that all the people that had died were suspects of crime or already jailed for it. Interpol although arguing over if the murders are justified or not. The Japanese representative calls for L , a mystery detective, to be call upon. Seconds later a man called Watari stands in a trench coat in the front of the room. Watari says L is already on the case and then places a laptop on a table. A voice speaks out of the laptop telling Interpol that the deaths were mass murder.

We move onto Light Yagami who is walking with friends. They are talking about the sudden deaths of bad people, Light is basking in the glory silently. We see Ryuk flying above them although Light is the only one that can see him. Light leaves his friends and enters his house. He goes straight to his room and checks the internet to find websites for discussion of “Kira”, Light isn’t keen on the name is happy to keep it. As Light begins to enjoy the attention from the internet the television is interrupted to broadcast a message from ICPO (Interpol). A man introduces himself as Lind L. Taylor otherwise known as L. We go back in time back to ICPO where we left off, L reveals Kira must be in Japan. Lind states that he will catch Kira, Light gloats that he will never be able to catch him. Lind then says Kira is “Evil”, this angers Light, who thinks he is justice. At this point Light furiously scribbles the name “Lind L. Taylor” in the Death Note. 40 seconds later Lind dies and is taken from the view of the camera. It was a trap. A voice takes over, the real L speaks. He tells how he knew that he might have died if he went live on television and that the Lind L. Taylor is a prisoner sentenced to be executed today. L goes on to provoke Kira into killing him, he shouts for Kira to kill him. He concludes that Kira cannot kill him and goes on to say that this is a nice hint and that the broadcast isn’t global, it is in fact only in Kanto, Japan leading to L saying he knows Kira is there.

We end with Light and L saying the same lines “I will hunt you down and destory you!” “I am …. Justice!”. Ryuk simply laughs saying “Humans are so.. Interesting”.

390px-Lchapter copy.jpg
"Kazoku (家族)"
October 10, 2008 February 2, 2004
We start in the Shinigami World, Shinigami's are discussing what happened to Ryuk. Meanwhile Light Yagami and Ryuk are in the bedroom talking about the amount of attention L and Kira get from the media, Light seems bored of it unlike he did in L (chapter) where he seemed quite excited about it. Light is second guessing himself, he isn't confident that he can stay undetected using the death note now. Suddenly the door is trying to be opened, Light hides the Death Note and opens the door. It is Sayu Yagami, Lights sister, Ryuk at this point tells Light that if another human touches the Death Note, they can see Ryuk too. Sayu laughs at Light, she thinks he is reading "dirty" magazines but Light says he is reading the L and Kira article because he wants to become the director of the National Police Agency (NPA), this confuses Ryuk.

We move to the mystery detective L, who is in a room on his own with a laptop. We move on to the Special Investigative Force at the NPA. The latop that L spoke from to Interpol is in the room, as is Watari. The force are working hard to collect the data L requests for the investigation.

Later on that day the chief is leaving the NPA building when a man who also works in the investigations runs up behind him. Matsuda is not sure whether he should applaud Kira for dropping crime rates or help catch him, the chief tells him Kira is a homicidal maniac.

We return to Light who is helping Sayu with her homework, their mother shouts them for dinner. Light opens his door to find the NPA chief outside, he is revealed as Lights Father. Soichiro Yagami is stressed because as he says to his family, he is working on a "tough case".

Light returns to his bedroom and locks the door, Ryuk says that the investigation not only knows about him being in Kanto but also he's a student. Light says he has been showing it on purpose and that he is going to change the times of deaths of the heart attacks by adding conditions to each death.

3 days later in the NPA they are confused as to if Kira is a student now that the deaths are every hour. L tells them that Kira just wants to say he can manipulate the times of deaths as much as he likes.

Finally we end with Light walking down the street. He is paranoid and takes his Death Note everywhere. He thinks if he isn't careful he'll end up killing his own family.

"Electric Current"
"Denryū (電流)"
October 10, 2005 February 2, 2004
Electric Current is the forth chapter of volume 1. We begin with Light Yagami and the Shinigami, Ryuk, sitting on the floor in a deserted place. Light is still paranoid about people touching the Death Note and seeing Ryuk.

We return to L, who is sitting in his room with a computer, he is thinking whether Kira tricked him into seeing he is a student or if he really is a student. Also is confused as to how Kira has information from the National Police Agency (NPA). L asks Watari to leave the room and tells him to get him the director of the FBI, without the investigation team at the NPA seeing him.

We return to Light who is going shopping to help hide the Death Note, he says to Ryuk that L cannot catch him without the notebook or a personal confession. Ryuk finds the courage to say ask Light what has been pestering him for a while, "Where do you get your confidence from?", Light reveals he can access his fathers computer without leaving a trace. Light also tells Ryuk that he is only giving leads to the police so he can destroy L. He wants to trick the police into finding out who L is and then leaving L vulnerable.

At the NPA the majority investigator attempting to catch Kira give Soichiro Yagami letters of resignation. They claim that they think if they continue, they will also be killed - after seeing L's hasty television plan they where left uneasy.

Light has returned home with Ryuk, he shows where he is hiding the Death Note. He reveals that he put it in a locked draw that has a diary in it but also he has a secret compartment that requires a pen cartridge to open safely that holds the Death Note itself. He tells Ryuk that if a person does force it open it will complete an electric circuit that will set the Death Note on fire.

The final page of the chapter shows a telephone conversation that between the director of the FBI and L. L requests that the FBI secretly investigate the Japanese Police.

Electric Current.jpg
"Gankyū (眼球)"
October, 2005 February 2, 2004
Eyeballs is the fifth chapter of the first volume. We begin where Electric Current left off, L is now talking to Watari enquiring about the FBI's progress with investigating the Japanese Police.

We join Light Yagami and Ryuk walking outside, Ryuk decides to tell Light that no matter what happens he is neither on Light's of L's side. Light simply says he already knew. Ryuk goes on to say that Light has been followed for 2 days, and it makes him feel uncomfortable not saying it. Light goes on to say he'll get rid of him soon as possible. Light arrives home and retires to his room. He is trying to work out who is investigating the japanese police. He comes to the conclusion that he must find out the name of the person following him, he asks Ryuk. Ryuk tells Light that shinigami's who use the death note can kill people prematurely, so if they where to die at 60 but the shinigami writes the name down at 40, the shinigami get 20 years added to there own lifespan. He also tells him that shinigami's are no longer interested with the human world and only bother to kill people over the desire to live. Ryuk tells Light that a shinigami usually kills the first person they see because of Shinigami Eyes, with them you can look at any person and see their name and lifespan.

Ryuk now goes onto propose a trade, in exchange for half of Light's lifespan he will give Light Shinigami eyes, so Light also can see the names and lifespans of people. We end with Light looking very tempted by this deal.

"Sōsa (操作)"
October 10, 2005 February 2, 2004
Control is sixth chapter of the first volume. Light is in his bedroom with Ryuk. The last chapter Eyeballs ends with Light left with a decision to trade half of his lifespan for Shinigami Eyes. Although Light seems tempted he cannot accept the trade, as he believes he cannot create a Utopia without being able to maintain it for a long time. Light goes on to say that if he did take on these deals he would end up becoming a shinigami himself, Ryuk tells Light that he is already a fine shinigami. Light does not like being compared with a shinigami. He tells Ryuk that he is using the Death Note as a human and for humans. Light returns to trying to find out the name of the person following him.

At the national police agency Soichiro Yagami is on the phone, 6 more people have died of heart attacks. Three are said to have attacked strangely before they died. One drew a picture and another made a suicide note and one escaped jail and died in a nearby restroom. When L finds out he suspects that it is Kira experimenting with his abilities.

Light checks on his fathers computer the results of the test, as Soichiro Yagami had typed them up onto the police database. Other tests that Light carried out like dyeing in a country that they couldn't reach, drawing L's face and to write about L distrusting the police. All ended in a heart attack as the death note could not make people do and know things they weren't previously able to know or do. Light plans to do a final test the next day.

L is in his room with the computer, reading the suicide note that Kira made the victim write. He notices that on the side of the note it spells out "L do you know".

Lights final test appears in the newspaper, the conditions he put in place worked. Light writes another name in the Death Note and the ends the chapter by ring a girl.

"Hyōteki (標的)"
October 10, 2005 February 2, 2004
Target is the seventh and final chapter of volume 1. Light Yagami is on a date with a girl, they meet at the bus stop. At the same time the follower watches from a distance, writing in his notepad that he is not suspicious and will finish the investigation on him after the day. However he still continues to follow Light on the bus, sitting on the seat behind him.

At the next stop a suspicious man boards the bus. Light watches, he knows what will happen, after all he planned it. As soon as he is on he hijacks the bus. He tells the driver to call the amusement park they are heading to, "Space Land", and to tell them what has happened. The bus driver complies, as soon as he is done the hijacker snatches the phone and demands they bring the financial reports to him when they arrive and to not call the police or all the people on the bus die.

At the back of the bus Light writes a message on paper to show to the person behind him, the follower. Light says he will attack the hijacker from behind - the follower tells him its too dangerous. They start to talk as the hijacker will not hear over the sound of the bus. Light continues with his plan to find out the followers name, he asks him whether he can prove that he isn't just the criminals partner. At this point the follower shows his FBI ID. Light is shocked to find L sent the FBI to investigate the Japanese police. The ID says the followers name is called Raye Penber. Light drops a note on the ground for the hijacker to see. On doing this the hijacker confronts Light and reads the note, to find its just a date note. What the hijacker doesn't know is that the paper was a piece of the Death Note, which allows the hijacker to see Ryuk.

The hijacker, on seeing Ryuk, goes mad and shoots Ryuk. Raye Penber believes he is hallucinating and shouts to everybody to get down. The bullets shot at Ryuk have no effect as he is a shinigami. Once his bullets are gone Raye gets up to capture the hijacker but at this point hijacker tells the driver to open the door and stop the bus. He runs off the bus and falls into the road, seconds later a car hits him. The last page shows the death note page with each detail of the hijacking, all planned by Light.

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