Unnamed Shinigami

The Unnamed Shinigami as he appears in the Directors Cut

The Unknown Shinigami first appeared in the director's cut in the one-shot special that only aired in Japan. He appears to be looking for Ryuk as he always appears to be bored of the Shinigami Realm. He asks other Shinigami where he could find him, once he finds Ryuk he bribes him with an apple in exchange for information on how he could reach the Human World. Ryuk accepts his offer and tells him a story of a man that changed the world - Light Yagami - and the legend that unfolded after he found the Death Note. However, before Ryuk can finish the story the Unnamed Shinigami leaves with his eyes fxed on getting to the Human World. The Shinigami has a skelical appearance and wears a dark coloured coat, googles, and uses a tie as a headband. On his back also appears to be a large object that he uses as a hammer.

The Shinigami has been under constant speculation that he is Light Yagami, and due to thirteen peices of evidence;

Lbullet.png Wears a coat like the one Light was wearing when he died.

Lbullet.png Light's necktie is wrapped around his dead.

Lbullet.png Walks up stairs to meet Ryuk, which, Light was doing when he died.

Lbullet.png Has the same evil smile Light makes when he is thinking of something evil.

Lbullet.png Light's red tie is wrapped around his head

Lbullet.png The Shinigami walks into a bright flash of light at the top of the stairs

Lbullet.png The fact that he knows Ryuk likes apples without hearing it from other Shinigami

Lbullet.png The limp portrayed whilst walking is the same as the limp Light had when running from the warehouse

Lbullet.png He does not stay to hear the end of Ryuk's story and is very interested in the Human world but leaves before he hears the end. If he were Light he knows how it ends and doesn't want to hear it.

Lbullet.png He carries a "scythe", much like Light does is some of the artwork portraying him

Lbullet.png The fact that Ryuk says "Light" as the shinigami leaves

Lbullet.png Light is seen in the Shinigami Realm during the second opening theme

Lbullet.png He tosses the apple at Ryuk in the same mannerism as he did when he were alive

Another reasoning behind this speculation is the fact that when Ryuk is explaining the Death Note to Light he says; "Do not assume the user of the Death Note can go to neither Heaven or Hell" so the user will go to Purgatory which could mean the Shinigami Realm. This provides a logical explanation to all those whom have used the Death Note, Purgatory (Mu) is neither good or evil (which could also relate to Light's "warped" sense of Justice in from L's perspective and Vice Vera), and living in the Shinigami Realm has been described as living an empty existence, an existence of nothingness amidst a grey and grungy environment.

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