Touta Matsuda

Touta Matsuda
Born: 12/14/1978
Death Date: ---
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Likes: What's Fashionable
Dislikes: Slow and steady work
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Outfit: Suit and Tie
Aliases: Japanese Police, Task Force
Occupation: Japanese Investigator
True Name: Touta Matsuda

[edit] The Task's Force Troublemaker

The youngest officer on the team of Japanese Investigators under L. Out of the members of the task force, Matsuda is the most Kira accepting. He believes that even though Kira is evil and kills people, that maybe he is in fact helping the world. Part way through volume 1, he points out to Chief Yagami that the world's crime rate has dropped dramatically. Matsuda likes Light Yagami and wishes to believe in his innocence. He does this until the very end when Light reveals that he is Kira. Devastated by the news, Matsuda does not hesitate to take out his gun and shoot Light.

[edit] Unpredictable

Matsuda himself seems to be rather unpredictable. Because of his lack of experience, his investigating skills aren't the best. Eager to prove himself useful, Matsuda sneaks away during one of Misa's movie shoots and ends up at the Yotsuba group. He overhears the group talking about killing people and accidentally gets caught. The bright side to his over eagerness to be useful, is his quick thinking. He's able to talk his way out of the mess and follows L's plan to get himself away unscathed.

[edit] Typical

Matsuda is a very typical young man who goes along with the trends. When he takes over the spot of Misa Misa's manager, he sometimes will forget that he's supposed to be an investigator. He is easily excitable about different things. The other members of the task force at times find this rather annoying.

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