Taro Kagami


Taro Kagami
Alias: Taro Kagami
True Name: Taro Kagami
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:  ????
Date of Death:  ????
Height: Estimated 4'5
Weight: Estimated 65 lbs.
Blood Type:  ????
Likes: Writing in Journals
Dislikes: Bullies
Occupation: Student

Taro Kagami was the protagonist of the Pilot chapter of Death Note. One day on his stroll from school he finds a notebook lying on the ground when he takes it back home he dashes to his room and begins to write about his troubled day. That certain piece in the notebook contained the names of his bullies of yesterday. The next day the bullies were all pronounced dead by heart attack. That night Ryuuk the Shinigami appeared to him, the police the next day begin to get involved, Ryuuk then drops a second Notebook in which one of Taro's friends attains it and starts killing off all of his bullies. In the end Taro stops him by killing himself and Taro. After the main part of the chapter it features a page in which Taro is much older and is conversing with Ryuuk.

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