Control Target Woman

Type: Manga
Release Date (Japanese): February 2, 2004
Release Date (English): October 10, 2005
Volume: 1
Chapter: 7
No. of Pages: 19
ISBN (Japanese): 4-08-873621-4
ISBN (English): 1-4215-0168-6

Target is the seventh and final chapter of volume 1. Light Yagami is on a date with a girl, they meet at the bus stop. At the same time the follower watches from a distance, writing in his notepad that he is not suspicious and will finish the investigation on him after the day. However he still continues to follow Light on the bus, sitting on the seat behind him.

At the next stop a suspicious man boards the bus. Light watches, he knows what will happen, after all he planned it. As soon as he is on he hijacks the bus. He tells the driver to call the amusement park they are heading to, "Space Land", and to tell them what has happened. The bus driver complies, as soon as he is done the hijacker snatches the phone and demands they bring the financial reports to him when they arrive and to not call the police or all the people on the bus die.

At the back of the bus Light writes a message on paper to show to the person behind him, the follower. Light says he will attack the hijacker from behind - the follower tells him its too dangerous. They start to talk as the hijacker will not hear over the sound of the bus. Light continues with his plan to find out the followers name, he asks him whether he can prove that he isn't just the criminals partner. At this point the follower shows his FBI ID. Light is shocked to find L sent the FBI to investigate the Japanese police. The ID says the followers name is called Raye Penber. Light drops a note on the ground for the hijacker to see. On doing this the hijacker confronts Light and reads the note, to find its just a date note. What the hijacker doesn't know is that the paper was a piece of the Death Note, which allows the hijacker to see Ryuk.

The hijacker, on seeing Ryuk, goes mad and shoots Ryuk. Raye Penber believes he is hallucinating and shouts to everybody to get down. The bullets shot at Ryuk have no effect as he is a shinigami. Once his bullets are gone Raye gets up to capture the hijacker but at this point hijacker tells the driver to open the door and stop the bus. He runs off the bus and falls into the road, seconds later a car hits him. The last page shows the death note page with each detail of the hijacking, all planned by Light.

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