Type: Manga
Release Date (Japanese): July 2, 2004
Release Date (English): November 8, 2005
Volume: 2
Chapter: 9
No. of Pages: 19
ISBN (Japanese): 4-08-873631-1
ISBN (English): 1-4215-0169-4

The chapter begins with Ray Penber's fiancée mourning over his death but in the end she comes to the conclusion that no, he did not die, he was killed by Kira. L in his apartment stands around his computer going over the various information that he had just received about the killings of the FBI agents, working out how Kira attained their names and faces. Back at Light Yagami's house the family is having a meeting to discuss the fact that Soichiro Yagami is the head of the Kira case. His father then gets into the matter of the twelve FBI agents that had died while on the Kira case and how many of his men are resigning one by one. He begins to tell the family how grave this task is for whoever chases Kira has a very good likelihood of being killed. Everyone other than Light yells in protest that he should stop his task before he himself gets killed but he ignores the fact of his life and tells them that it is his duty to do this.

Light stands up and tells him he is admirable and that if anything happens to him he will personally put an end to Kira, Ryuuk compliments Light on his good acting as they head up the stairs. Ryuk and Light are now in a nearby subway where Light tells him that he has been doing experiments with the Death Note involving causes of death and actions before the death. In a hooded sweatshirt concealing himself Light eyes Ray Penber and slowly walks up to him and tells him that he is Kira and if he turns around he will kill him and his fiancée. Ray shocked, does not turn around and Light/Kira says he will demonstrate in a stand about 8 yards away Kira kills a man sweeping up the shop floors. Then Light hands a package to him and tells him to board the next train and sit at a window seat. Ray does as he is told and puts on the earphone Kira has given him and listens to his instructions. First, Kira makes him answer a series of question.

Then Kira tells him to call an agent ranked lower than you to get the information of the other 10 agents, Ray does as he is told, once Ray got the information Kira tells him to write the names of all the agents on the small cut out slips of the paper sealed in the package Ray was given.Kira said once he is finished not to get off the train and his fiancée will not be harmed. Kira then instructs him to put the papers back in the package and place them on the rack above him and sit there quietly for thirty minutes, Light tells him then to leave the train when no one will notice him. Ray leaves the train and curses under his breath wondering what Kira is up to, he then gulps and clenches his heart falling to the ground he looks up face on the floor and in the train door he sees Light Yagami.

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