Sidoh eating Chocolate

Debut: Chapter 65
Episode 28
Status at Debut: Original owner of Light's Death Note
Relations: Ryuk, Mello and Jack Neylon
Likes: Chocolate
Dislikes: Ryuk
Gender: Male
Voiced By: Kazuki Yao(japanese)
Sam Vincent(english)

Sidoh (シドウ Shidō) was the original owner of Light Yagami's Death Note, which was stolen by Ryuk. As time passes by he eventually realises this but by the time he does the Death Note has already exchanged hands numerous times, ending up in the hands of Mello's subordinate, Jack Neylon. In order to get the Death Note back he has to help Mello's gang against Near's SPK and the Kira Investigation Team. He wears clothes that cover most of his body and wears bandages around his head. His arms have been described as "insect-like" in the sense that they fold into the body when not in use, and although he technically has hands there are only 3 appendages protruding from them.

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