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Death Note: Episodes 20-37


This is a complete Index of all the Death Note Anime episodes from 20-37 for the second season of the show. Each portion of an episode will have 10 additional screenshots. Every episode will also have a small description to summarize. All episodes will have the English title, not the Japanese title.


[edit] 20. Makeshift

As the Task Force can now listen in and see the Yotsuba group meetings of death, Light and L devise a plan to speak with one of the members directly and hopefully force them to push back the next killings of competitor companies members. The member they have chosen is Namikawa, and Light speaks directly to him while pretending to be L. Their plan is successful and Namikawa agrees with them as long if any of the members get captured for being Kira he wouldn’t. The team has nearly pushed back the next killings of other business organization members for a months time. Light, L, and Misa all enjoy a small chat together where they officially announce their friendship for each other, even though on both L and Lights part it’s fake. The Yotsuba group wants to begin to figure out who is L, so they call upon Eraldo Coil who is actually Aiber in secret. This definitely brings the two together even more, putting the Task Force even closer to capturing the new Kira.

[edit] 21. Preformance

The Yotsuba group receives information on Misa Amane that links her to Kira. They decide to act on this by inviting Misa in for an interview to possibly be hired by their company, but their real reason for this is to get information from her. Around the same time Rem rips a piece from the Death Note and then uses it on Misa when she uses the restroom during her interview with Yotsuba. It is here that Rem warns Misa and ushers her to be careful since one of the Yotsuba group members could possibly kill her. When she walks back into the interview room Misa discovers who Kira is. With this in mind Misa devises a plan to get pure evidence on Kira to help the investigation. After escaping from Mogi at one of her movie shots in a nurses outfit Misa manages to go one-on-one with Kira. But this isn’t any ordinary one-on-one it’s a date! On this date Misa uses her skills and her plan to not only reveal to Kira that she is the Second Kira she tricks him into believing it and in the end she gets him to confess that he is the real Kira while recording it with her cell phone. With a confession from Kira, Misa supplies the Task Force with legit evidence that could convict Kira for good but will they truly decide to act on this?

[edit] 22. Guidance

After Misa is able to get Kira known as Kyosuke Higuchi, to stop killing criminals for a few days this is enough to convince L to finally go for Kira. After a plan is devised to trap Kira, L orders Wedy to install cameras and listening devices into Higuchi’s car, hopefully this would help to convicting him. Matsuda goes to Sakura TV where the plan would begin. While behind white screens Matsuda explains to his interviewer that he knows Kira’s identity. As the show plays, Namikawa, a fellow member of the Yotsuba group who is secretly apart of the plan to trap Kira, calls Higuchi to alert him of the Sakura TV show. Higuchi turns to the show in disbelief that someone knows his identity, who could it be? And then it hits him, the one who knows Kira’s identity has to be Misa’s Manager, the man who eavesdropped on one of the Yotsuba Group meetings. Higuchi yells at himself and is in disbelief that this man is alive, his death was a trick? Even after he had written the name of the man into his Death Note to make sure he had died proved to Higuchi that his name was a fake! After a few calls Higuchi finally discovers that not even the boss of the Talent Agency can remember what the man’s real name is. The boss give Higuchi permission to go down to the agency to look through the resume for the name so Higuchi jumps on this opportunity. While the show on Sakura TV continues with only two hours left Kira sets out in his sports car with a gun. Is he planning on going straight to the station to kill whomever knows his identity directly?

[edit] 23. Frenzy

On the ride over to the Talent Agency office Higuchi realizes that the name in the file could be a fake and asks Rem what he should do. She suggests since his name is already going to be revealed on the show that he should just take the chance in case. At the same time, with both Light and L listening in on Higuchi talking, they cannot hear Rem, so they both begin to wonder, confused, on who Higuchi is talking to. When finding the man’s real name Higuchi writes it into his Death Note then gets back into his car to wait for the man to die, only to see that he doesn’t! The name was a fake! Higuchi speeds down the highway while L and Light missed Kira’s method of killing leaving them clueless. Higuchi becomes frustrated and determined to find out Matsuda’s name so he decides it would be worth half his life span for the Shinigami eyes in return for not having his name exposed on Sakura TV. As he heads down to the Yotsuba Headquarters to look back at the surveillance videos that Matsuda would be on he gets stopped by a police officer for speeding. With no time to waist Higuchi, with his swift hands, manages to write the officers name down into the note book and then quickly speeds off. As he escapes the police officer tries to chase him only to crash his motorcycle and die. After not being able to find the security tapes at Yotsuba, Higuchi decides to go straight to Sakura TV. At the same time L puts his plan into further action by concluding that Kira may be able to kill any human with using just their face so he orders to have Matsuda replaced with a manikin while telling fellow officers to wear a helmet to avoid being killed. Higuchi goes to Sakura TV only to again be tricked! After seeing that the man behind the screen is only a manikin Wedy and Soichiro reveal themselves to try and capture Kira and bring him to justice only to have him shoot Soichiro in the arm and further escape from the station. As his car rushes down the highway Higuchi notices that the show stops all of a sudden, was it indeed all a trick to begin with!? It was. So now the speed chase is on who will catch Kira? Higuchi stomps down on the acceleration going faster and faster each second. As he is speeding down the highway Higuchi notices a whole row of police cars that are blocking his way while also having tinted windows. Being too close to turn back Higuchi tries with some swift movements to escape the trap only to have himself pinned to the highway wall with nowhere to go, nowhere to run. Kira is forced to give up, he has been caught by L!

[edit] 24. Revival

Figuring he has now been caught and has no way out, Higuchi precedes to shooting himself dead only to have the gun shot out of his hand by Watari’s expert sniping. Soichiro and Aizawa approach him while L demands to know how Higuchi kills. He reveals that it’s with a note book that Soichiro discovers in his handbag. The second Soichiro touches the note book and then looks up he is thrown out of his shoes to see a real life Shinigami, Rem. Yelling at the top of his lungs L asks what is wrong and Soichiro tells him that it’s a Shinigami. L demands to have the note book handed over to him. While he looks at it and discovers Rem for himself Light becomes over-anxious to see Rem for himself so he snatches the note book away from L. Finally, Light gets back all of his memories from past uses of the Death Note. Having planned out ever movement that he would probably make in the future of forfeiting the notebook, Light remembers that he has a secret piece of the Death Note hidden in his watch where he precedes to use it to officially kill Higuchi while being under the eye of L without even being caught! Light yet again to sneak past L with this one and now he is the owner of Death Note yet again. After Higuchi’s death the Japanese Police Task Force heads back to headquarters where they open the Death Note and begin to read the rules. Aizawa reads them aloud and then turns to the back of the book to find two other rules, actually fake, these being enough to clear both Light and Misa from being suspected to be Kiras. Having been apart of Light’s plan from the very beginning, stubborn L finally gives in and apologizes to Light and Misa for everything that has happened up until now. He allows Misa to finally go home free from being watched by L and the other task force members while also allowing Light the same privilege. Light believes that the case isn’t yet closed so he chooses to continue working with the task force. With Light’s plan still in action, under the command of Light, Misa digs up the other Death Note that restores all her memories of when she has used it previously. With a note inside, Misa reads it to discover that Light needs Misa to remember what L’s name was when she first met him at To-Oh University and then kill him. But the only problem is Misa has forgotten what L’s name was. Without being able to remember and wanting to serve Light’s every request Misa decides to once again make the trade for the Shinigamis to see L’s name and then kill him as planned. Rem figures, out in both horror and disgust, that Misa’s lifespan has again been shortened! Light tricked her and with the trade complete there is nothing that Rem can do, or is there?

[edit] 25. Silence

[edit] 26. Renewal

[edit] 27. Abduction

[edit] 28. Impatience

[edit] 29. Father

[edit] 30. Justice

[edit] 31. Transfer

[edit] 32. Selection

[edit] 33. Scorn

[edit] 34. Vigilance

[edit] 35. Malice

[edit] 36. 1.28

[edit] 37. New World

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