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Death Note: Episodes 1-19


This is a complete Index of all the Death Note Anime episodes from 1-19 for the first season of the show. Each portion of an episode will have 7 additional screenshots. Every episode will also have a small description to summarize. All episodes will have the English title, not the Japanese title.


[edit] 1. Rebirth

DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 22.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 21.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 20.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 05.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 01.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 27.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 01 - Large 24.jpg

There is rarely anything to do in the Shinigami world, it's all one big quiet place of boredom. Ryuk, one very bored Shinigami, decides to drop his Death Note into the human world! Light Yagami, an intelligently clever student, has discovers the Death Note. With the sudden urge to create a new, ideal world without the presence of evil Light begins to write the names of criminals into the Death Note. After discovering that the notebook is real and testing it out for the first time, Light meets his follower, the Shinigami, Ryuk. As he explains the rules of the book to Light he notices that all bets are off with this human being, he has his mind set, and whatever it takes to making a new world, Light will accomplish it!

[edit] 2. Confrontation

DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 02.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 23.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 09.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 07.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 04.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 30.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 02 - Large 27.jpg

With all the massive amounts of criminals dieing of heart attacks, members of the ICPO headquarters meet for a discussion of this horrible killing spree. With little hope but just enough luck the members are surprised to find out that, the mysterious but mega case-solver, L has arrived to save the day, or at least help to find out whom is killing all these criminals. As Light becomes aware of the sudden changes and the new discussions of these heart attacks on the Internet, he discovers that people are beginning to call this notorious killer, Kira. L devises a TV broadcast in hopes that Kira will notice it and plan right into his hands. Light has been tricked! According to L's plans Kira walks right into one of his biggest traps, with this mistake, L can now figure out that Kira must kill with at least a face and a name and is living in the Kanto Region of Japan.

[edit] 3. Dealings

DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 21.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 15.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 13.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 04.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 02.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 26.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 03 - Large 25.jpg

Humans begin to claim that they know Kira and want to somehow help the ICPO team find him! But it's all a hoax, not even one of the 3029 humans who called in knew anything. Soichiro Yagami, Light's father, also a member of the ICPO meetings, along with others, begin to discover that Kira is killing between the hours of 4PM-2AM which suggests that Kira may be a student! With the help of computer skills Light is able to hack into his father's computer to read Police Files. Shocked, he notices that the team is working fast and already knows that Kira must be a student so Light decides to throw them off, in other words, he begins to kill 23 criminals a day, every hour on the hour. This causes total confusion, but L is one step ahead of Kira, this little stunt helps to narrow down the search of who and where Kira lives even greater.

[edit] 4. Pursuit

DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 24.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 14.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 06.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 05.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 01.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 32.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 04 - Large 28.jpg

Having been present with the Shinigami Eyes deal, Light tells Ryuk that it is out of the question. Later on Light discovers he is being followed by an FBI agent! Who could it be? All Light needs is a name and a face to kill. So he takes his plan to the next level, even discovering a bit more about the Death Note, Light manages to host a bus jacking and figure out the name of the FBI agent. With this new info and new techniques to the Death Note, Light decides to keep the FBI agent alive, but for a purpose. What he has planned may just be the best thing to getting rid of the large amount of FBI agents who are now wreaking the streets of Kanto, Japan.

[edit] 5. Tactics

DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 06.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 03.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 16.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 14.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 08.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 30.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 05 - Large 22.jpg

With Light's new scheme is being put into play, he uses Ray Penber, the FBU agent, to kill the rest of the agents now in Kanto following other families and students like Light himself. Light does more than succeed he even gets the privilege of being in the presence of where Ray Penber dies. As he slowly falls to the ground, suffering from a heart attack, Ray looks up into the black holes that they call eyes of Kira. Shocked, he and along with many other FBI agents, have fallen into Kira's trap! With the recent news of her fiancé’s death, Naomi Misora, decides, determined, that she will figure out who Kira is and avenge him of killing Ray.

[edit] 6. Unraveling

DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 12.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 07.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 02.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 22.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 27.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 26.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 06 - Large 13.jpg

After the reports of the dead FBI agents, many Japanese Police Task Force members quit the team leaving it very small with only five or six members. L decides to meet with this team of members to work alongside them in order to capture Kira. He introduces himself as Ryuuzaki. At around the same time Light takes the chore of taking some clothes to his father at the Police Headquarters from Sayu. He arrives at the station to the presence of Raye Penber's fiancé and talks with her about the Kira case. With much luck on his side Light realizes that Naomi has quite a lot of thought built up in her mind about the case so far, enough to almost have Kira captured, so his main goal now is to get rid of Naomi. Light believes that there is a god, other than a Shinigami, out there helping him.

[edit] 7. Overcast

DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 30.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 25.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 12.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 07.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 03.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 33.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 07 - Large 32.jpg

After the Japanese Task Force had officially met L, his friend, Watari, hands each of the members a badge with a new name, their alias, and a belt. These belts can be used in many ways and will help to contact other members of the team while in times of trouble. At the same time Light has successfully figured out Naomi's name. But this time, Kira wasn't in charge, Naomi was. She tricked him just as L had! It soon becomes apparent that Light will have to dig deeper in order to finally get rid of her, is Naomi as good a match for Kira as L is?

[edit] 8. Glare

DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 06.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 32.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 29.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 17.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 11.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 39.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 08 - Large 37.jpg

As L begins to put the pieces of the Kira puzzle together he receives a call about Naomi's death. The authorities guess it was a suicide as a result of her fiancés death, but L disagrees. Having formerly worked with her, he knows just how great of an FBI agent she was and knows she would have never given up. He begins to narrow the search down to the two families Raye Penber was investigating, and one of those just happens to be Light's. Soichiro is shocked that L is beginning to think that his own son could be Kira. In a result to this hidden cameras are placed in the Yagami home, so Light must watch out, will he be able to survive or will he crack under the pressure of someone watching?

[edit] 9. Encounter

DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 20.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 17.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 13.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 08.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 02.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 23.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 09 - Large 22.jpg

Light barely manages to sneak past L's tricks, especially the cameras. As L expects the rate of criminals to stop, they don't. Somehow Kira manages to keep on killing, even under the eyes of L. So L is forced to take the cameras out and finally relieves Light of so much pressure. But the pressure is just about to come as Light heads off to To-Oh University to take his exam, if only he had known L would be following. At this exam, will L and Light finally meet? Will the pressure suddenly click back on, will L get any closer to capturing Kira, and will Light crack?

[edit] 10. Doubt

DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 24.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 21.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 14.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 09.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 01.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 27.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 10 - Large 26.jpg

Light keeps his cool after finally meeting L, he even begins to put on an act. Light and L soon start to act like they are friends and they both decide on a tennis match, who will win? Both competitors go at each other just as L and Kira would. After the match, L decides to play one last trick on Light before asking him to join the Task Force. Will Light fall for this one and make L even more doubtful of him? In the meantime Sakura TV receives tapes from Kira to be broadcast on their show. Demegawa, director of Sakura TV, jumps at this opportunity in hopes to spike viewers attention, but this isn't the only attention the show will receive.

[edit] 11. Assault

DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 20.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 15.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 06.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 03.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 25.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 30.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 11 - Large 27.jpg

L decides to allow Light to join the Japanese Task Force and while the team ponders the fact that Naomi Misora has probably died, Watari, alerts them of incredible news. Something is happening down at Sakura TV. A Kira broadcast involving four tapes. It's the peoples decision on which tapes should be played, their answers determine it. As TV talk show hosts begin to die, Ukita, one of the task force members tries to stop all the madness only to be killed as well. Suddenly L begins to deduce that this Kira, has to be a second Kira, all his actions are different, and he only seems to need a face to kill. All bets are off on this one, but the most important thing is, the TV broadcast needs to be stopped! But how? Just in time, Soichiro Yagami uses his steady driving skills to drive straight through the front entrance of the Sakura TV building, hopefully to avoid Kira's wrath. Will he manage to escape with the tapes in hand or will Kira figure out and demolish him like everyone else?

[edit] 12. Love

DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 12.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 11.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 07.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 27.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 18.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 33.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 12 - Large 28.jpg

The second Kira makes his first appearance, even though it's not in the presence of L or the task force. The second Kira turns out to be a popular pop-model named Misa Amane. There are many questions to how she obtained her Death Note but the only one who can possibly answer those is her follower, the Shinigami, Rem. Rem explains to Misa about how there once was a Shinigami named Gelus. Gelus had been powerless and fell into death. The only way to kill a Shinigami is love, and Gelus fell into love. He saved the one, a human, that he loved and sacrificed his own life for. Her name was Misa Amane. She now seeks the attention of the real Kira, knowing that her time to finally meet him is near, but what is her motive for meeting Kira? Why is she so interested in him? In the meantime the investigation team glances over the four tapes in search of clues and evidence on this, "Second Kira". They also prepare a response TV broadcast recording from what they think, the true Kira, would reply like.

[edit] 13. Confession

DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 25.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 13.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 11.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 10.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 02.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 33.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 13 - Large 29.jpg

Days later after reviewing the tapes and replying to the Second Kira, the Task Force receives a letter with a diary page. It's another response from the Second Kira but in the form of a diary page, it even has a set of hidden clues that were created in such a way that only true Kiras would understand. The time is coming to a close and the Second Kira wants to meet Kira for real, but where? The team discovers that there are two places where the Second Kira could possibly be meeting them at, in Aoyama and Shibuya. But which place will the Second Kira be? L and Light decide to split up and with luck by Misa's side Light plays right into the palm of her hand. With having an advantage over Kira himself, the Shinigami Eyes, Misa is able to find who the true Kira is even as he walks within a large group of people. Later on she does quite a lot of research on him to figure out even where Light lives. With so much respect for Kira, the one who killed the man who killed her parent's, Misa falls in love at first sight. Not only is she shocked but so is Light to find her at his doorstep, he didn't have to go to the Second Kira but she came to him?

[edit] 14. Friend

DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 08.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 07.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 03.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 17.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 11.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 26.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 14 - Large 25.jpg

In Light's supreme astonishment of Misa Amane's appearance at his house, she deepens this by offering herself to him, her Death Note, and whatever else she can possibly do to help. Light begins with his plans, now able to fulfill some of his goals, he has Misa send one last tape to Sakura TV stating that she will not be broadcasting any longer and will be standing beside Kira himself to help kill criminals, at the same time L deduces that the two Kiras have met. In return for Misa's help Light must go on a weekly date with her, but while he has sometime alone he gets a chance to research Misa Amane fully, and is shocked to see that she is a popular-model with her own site. This cannot be good, especially since if they were seen together L may begin to put the puzzle together even further, enough to maybe even convict Light of being Kira. To avoid this, Light and Misa cannot be seen together but he is definitely surprised to have her jump on him in the middle of the street, with Aizawa watching by L's command, will their plans be discovered? Light decides to put a plan into play, he must get rid of L fast. In order to do so he will need Rems help. Shockingly enough, as long as Misa is happy, Rem agrees to killing L!

[edit] 15. Wager

DEATH NOTE - 15 - Large 24.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 15 - Large 18.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 15 - Large 10.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 15 - Large 07.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 15 - Large 25.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 15 - Large 27.jpg

With the use of many different cell phones, Misa is able to actually talk to her love, Light without being caught by L. In the meantime, Light reconsiders having Rem kill L right away and instead Light decides to give L one last day to live and then on his command Rem would kill him. But on this last day, Light had been too late, L manages with a small trick and some sticky fingers to steal Misa's phone and reveal that Light and her have come into contact. With this new addition to the details of the Kira case and some actual evidence on the Second Kira tapes that were sent into Sakura TV, L is able to put Misa Amane into confinement. Light goes home to begin another plan, he must kill Misa to keep her from revealing anything about Kira. But Rem won't allow it, she demands that if Misa dies she will in return kill Light!

[edit] 16. Decision

DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 05.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 01.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 18.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 15.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 12.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 25.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 16 - Large 27.jpg

At the same time as Misas confinement, Light has a small plan up his sleeve, and he even decides to have L put him into confinement as well. Hoping this decision would throw off L's suspicions Light had planned a switch between the Death Notes before hand. Later on the details of this switch would turn out in his favor, but how? L discusses with the Task Force team that if he were to die soon, Light would officially be Kira. Even if Light is the teams only suspect he is determined to change L's mind. As days continue to pass throughout being confined, Light gives Ryuk the command to get rid of his Death Note, while this is all apart of Light's plan, Ryuk agrees leaving his cell. As the killings of criminals come to a stop this just further shows L that Misa and Light may actually be Kira. But with Light now having no memories of ever having the Death Note, can L truly look into the eyes of someone innocence and tell them that he suspects them of being Kira? 15 days later, criminals begin to start dieing of heart attacks, was Kira really just dormant for awhile? With Kira back in action, L has no reason to continue to keep Light and Misa confined, so he now has a decision to make, to keep them confined or let them go.

[edit] 17. Execution

DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 16.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 12.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 09.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 06.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 05.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 25.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 17 - Large 17.jpg

As day 50 of Light’s imprisonment arrives, Aizawa feels that L has become stubborn with keeping the suspects locked up while criminals have continued to die for almost a month. L decides he has no choice but to agree and talks the matter of their release over with Soichiro. With one last trick up L’s sleeve to determine whether or not Misa or Light is Kira, Soichiro agrees to L’s plan. He released Misa from her cell where she meets up with Light as Soichiro drives them away from a garage and the city itself. As they near the wilderness, Soichiro breaks the news to the two suspects, they have been chosen for execution. As unbelievable as it sounds Light and Misa can no longer stay still inside the car, but as helpless as they are, there isn’t anything they can possibly do to stop this. Soichiro points the gun straight for his sons head while Misa sits there in grief and misery of having to see her lover being killed along with herself afterward. As Soichiro pulls the trigger and shots Light all goes quiet. Meanwhile the new Kira is revealed to being a member of the Yotsuba headquarters, a money making business organization. Yotsuba has it’s meeting, but not any ordinary type of meeting, a meeting of death. Who will Kira kill in order to further the success of the business?

[edit] 18. Ally

DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 24.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 16.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 12.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 05.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 03.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 27.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 18 - Large 25.jpg

As its suddenly revealed that Soichiro had only loaded the gun with blanks and Light remained alive, the two suspects passed L’s final test and were allowed to be officially released from their confinement. As for being completely free, that was out of the question. Light remained apart of the Task Force while also being handcuffed to L, allowing him to see Light’s every move. The team would also be doing their work in a bigger, spacious building funded by L, with his massive amount of money. Their new headquarters even features a hidden helicopter at the top that is unable for anyone in the outside world to see. As times become tough while still being watched over, Light and L begin to fight with each other, one with a punch and the other with a kick. As the Yotsuba group continues to have their meetings of death L and the team soon figure out exactly which group the new Kira is apart of. With the fact that the team will need more help in order of capturing the new Kira, L hires two fellow criminals that he had stored in his pocket, Aiber and Wedy. One a con-artist, the other a burglar. Will they actually become any help to the team or end up ruining the capture completely? With Light’s memories now gone, he dedicates himself to capturing and putting an end to Kira and Aizawa discovers that he will have to quit the Task Force team and leave the others to capturing Kira on their own.

[edit] 19. Matsuda

DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 19.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 15.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 09.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 08.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 01.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 28.jpg
DEATH NOTE - 19 - Large 22.jpg

With Matsuda as Misa Amane’s new manager he realizes that one of Misa’s movie scenes is being shot right by the Yotsuba headquarters. Matsuda takes this opportunity to hopefully figure something out about Kira, while sneaking past surveillance, and making it to floor 19 where the meetings are being held. Since he can’t possibly walk in while the group discusses their killings Matsuda decides to listen through the door. As he begins to hear some of their conversation he stumbles as the door opens and his plan is ruined. Matsuda then makes up a small advertisement for the group members, hoping that it will cover his tracks and throw off the members. They agree to this advertisement and ask to meet with Misa Amane personally thinking she would help to promote the company. Watari alerts the team that Matsuda is in trouble and must be saved somehow. L then devises another plan that could save Matsuda from the death that Kira could prepare for him. Misa Amane arrives later on and promotes a reception for the members to attend to. They agree and while at the party, Matsuda walks along the balcony of the apartment room only to slip and fall to his fake death. Yes that’s right the other Task Force members work along with the plan while catching Matsuda from a floor below while Aiber lays outside on the ground as Matsuda’s now dead body. This event works exactly as L planned and saved Matsuda just in the nick of time from what could have been his painful death. Later, Wedy, reveals to L that she was successful in planting listening devices into the Yotsuba meeting room, now allowing the Task Force members to listen in on the meeting of death.

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