Sayu Yagami

Sayu Yagami
Sayu Yagami.jpg
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O
Likes: Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Soichiro Yagami, Sachiko Yagami
Dislikes: -
Height: 4'8 (before skipping time)

5'3 (after skipping time)

Weight: 84 lbs (before)

99 lbs (after)

Appearance: Dark brown hair and eyes.
Age: 15 (before)

20 (after)

Occupation: Student
True Name: Sayu Yagami
Date of Birth: June 18, 1989 (1992 in anime)
Date of Death: -

[edit] Introduction

Sayu Yagami is the younger sister of Light Yagami and plays an insignificant role in the main plot of the anime and manga.

In the anime, Sayu is seen seeking Light's assistance in solving quadratic equation problems and has faith in her brother's intellectual Detective-capabilities.

[edit] Appearance

In the beginning, Sayu has short, brown hair and brown eyes. Later on, her hair grows longer and have small curls at the ends, and her bangs are swept to one side.

[edit] Plot

Being a 15-year old second-year student at Eishu Junior High School (英集中学校, Eishū Chūgakkō) at the beginning of the story, her role at this point in the story is rather minor. In the second part of the series, Sayu attends college. She is kidnapped by the Mafia and taken to the United States, where she is held captive in order for the Mafia to gain a Death Note. Sayu's father trades the Death Note to the group in exchange for his daughters life. Sayu is taken back home to Japan, where she falls into a state of shock and is wheelchair ridden for some time.

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