Ryuk 1.jpg
Alias: Ryuk
True Name: Ryuk
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:  ????
Date of Death: none
Height: Estimated 6'6
Weight:  ????
Species: Shinigami
Likes: Video Games, Apples
Dislikes: Girls
Shinigami Rank: C

[edit] Character Summary

Ryuk is a main character in the Death Note universe. He is a shinigami and is the only character to appear is every aspect of Death Note media, including the [[Link title]]manga pilot.

Bored of the shinigami world, he "accidentally" drops one of his Death notes into the human world, just to see what will come of it, and the one to find it is Light Yagami the protagonist of the series.

Ryuk appearance is quite human his limbs are human-like but are abnormally long and he has bulging black pupils, seemingly yellow glint he anime.

Ryuk has a tendency to be over annoying at times especially when Light is busy working in the Death Note, he seems to be interested in almost any human behavior and is often questioning Light's moves and plans for cleansing the world of all darkness.

He has a strong love for apples and with out them he will go through a type of withdrawal where he may shrivel up or start doing handstands at random points.

Ryuk is also bonded to Light to the point where went the time comes he will kill him himself. Ryuk also starred in the Death Note movie much like he did in the manga itself.

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