Rem レム, Remu''
Rem 1.jpg
Shinigami Rank: 4
Characters Attached To: Misa Amane, Kyosuke Higuchi
Gender: Female
Personality: Calm, Quiet, Full of Emotion
Likes: Misa Amane
Dislikes: Light Yagami
Appearance: Skeletal with blue markings.
Purpose: Carrying Out The Will of Gelus
Death date: November 5, 2004 (2007 in anime)

[edit] Introduction

To honour Gelus's sacrifice, Rem delivers the shinigami's death note to Misa Amane and gradually develops a strong bond with Misa in the process. In the Episode Bomb, Rem is quoted as saying, If you try to harm this girl, I will write your name in my note and kill you. I’m well aware of this girl’s life expectancy. If she dies before her time, I’ll know. Also, if I find out that you plan to kill her, I will kill you before you can do it.

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