Raye Penber

Raye Penber
Raye Penber.png

Debut: Manga:
Chapter 5
Episode 3
Death Date: December 27, 2003 (2006 in anime)
Age: 28 (at death)
Status at Debut: FBI Agent
Relations: Naomi Misora (Fiancée)
Alias: Raye Iwanatsu (film)

Ray Penber was an FBI agent on the Kira case, in Japan his mission was to trail most of Light Yagami's moves and footsteps as an investigation procedure controlled by L to determine whether Light was Kira or not. Light caught on to this investigative plan and deduced a way to see what this Ray Penber (name unknown to him)was up to, Light had set up a murderer to enter the bus that he, his girlfriend, and Ray Penber were in. The situation caused Ray to reveal his identity. The next few days after Light plotted to kill the FBI agent, at a subway station Kira (A.K.A Light Yagami)gets Ray to give him all the information of each FBI agent hunting him down and them Kira kills him.

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