List of Death Note chapters

This is a list of the Death Note manga series, from chapters 1 to 108, as well as the original Pilot Chapter and the Death Note Oneshot.


[edit] Volume One

Volume Title: Boredom

Cover Characters: Light, Ryuuk

[edit] Volume Two

Volume Title: Confluence

Cover Characters: L

[edit] Volume Three

Volume Title: Hard Run

Cover Characters: Ryuuk

[edit] Volume Four

Volume Title: Love

Cover Characters: Misa Amane, Rem

[edit] Volume Five

Volume Title: Whiteout

Cover Characters: L, Light Yagami

[edit] Volume Six

Volume Title: Give and Take

Cover Characters: Light Yagami, Rem, Ryuuk

[edit] Volume Seven

Volume Title: Zero

Cover Characters: L

[edit] Volume Eight

Volume Title: Target

Cover Characters: Mello

[edit] Volume Nine

Volume Title: Contact

Cover Characters: Near

[edit] Volume Ten

Volume Title: Delete

Cover Characters: Light, Mellow, Near

[edit] Volume Eleven

Volume Title: Kindred Spirit

Cover Characters: Ryuuk, Teru Mikami

[edit] Volume Twelve

Volume Title: Finis

Cover Characters: L, Light, Misa, Near, Mello

[edit] Death Note Oneshot

The Death Note Oneshot was originally released in Japan in February 2008. The 40-page chapter was a sequel to the main series, set two years after the conclusion of the Kira case. It introduced a new copycat Kira, and detailed and Near and what was previously the Kira Task Force's reactions.

[edit] Pilot Chapter

Cover Characters: Ryuuk, Taro Kagami

The original Death Note Pilot Chapter was first run in an edition of Shonen Jump in Japan. Contrary to Tsugumi Ohba's expectations, the idea received positive reactions from readers, and the title was granted a serialization. The series was changed from what would have been a succession of short stories to an ongoing storyline. This story is in a different canon to the other Death Note media.

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