Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada
Born: 7/12/1985
Death Date: 1/26/2010
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Justice?: Kira
Likes: Smart Men
Dislikes: Stupid Women
Height: {{{data8}}}
Weight: 97 lbs.
Aliases: News 6, Kira
Occupation: News Anchor
True Name: Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada, normally referred to as Takada is a minor character in Season 1. She and Light date in university but not too much comes from it due to the introduction of Misa. Kiyomi plays a much bigger and much more impacting role in season two, however. She supports Kira and becomes his spokesperson in a Kira-worshiping world. She and Light often meet and talk about what Kira's next move will be. This is when she learns that Light is Kira. She acts as a messenger between Light and Mikami. They pass notes that relate to secret information so that the SPK won't be able to know. This, however, leads to Light's downfall. Mikami write names in a fake notebook to attract attention to himself, but Takada is the one actually doing the killing. This also leads to Light's downfall. Mello kidnaps Takada and has her take off all her clothes. Light then writes her name in a Death Note clipping to have her set the place on fire. This fire kills Takada and Mello, and the fire also burns any pieces of the Notebook that Kiyomi Takada may have had in her possession.

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