Every once in a while there will be mistranslations in a games name or several names for one game for a different region, this then means a new page will eventually be created for each game rather than have one central hub base. If we use Death Note Kira as an example. For the North American game it's translated as "Death Note Kira's Game", which when NA players search on the wiki they'll find no such page exists. This where the Redirect syntax becomes useful.

So, to redirect a page a number of factors must be in play for the Redirect to work.
Lbullet.png The page you are redirecting from must have no information on it at all, otherwise the syntax will appear as raw code. Like this; #REDIRECT Main_Page
Lbullet.png Try to make sure that the page(s) you are directing to already exist. (This isn't necessary but it saves the appearance of red link and people who are too lazy to create the age themselves)

So if you haven't already gathered the syntax to redirect a page to another location is; #REDIRECT [[Page_Location]]

Some people use the Redirect feature to change the name of the page because it's incorrect, that is one way to do it. There are also two other ways...

  1. Flag a page for deletion, then create a page with the correct name (How to Flag a Page for Deletion)
  2. Use the syntax {{#customtitle:Alternate Page name}}

[edit] Moving a File/Image

Please do not move files without permission from the staff member of the wiki. If you think a page should be moved then please request the page for transport by editing the file page and adding {{Move|To=New Location}}.The file will then be categorised under Category:Files Flagged For Transport which is checked regularly by the staff member(s)