Help:Deleting Pages

Note: Only Staff members have the powers to delete pages. If you believe a page needs deleting then Flag it for Deletion!

How do I Flag a Page for Deletion?
Before a page can be Flagged for deletion it needs to be atleast one of the following;
Lbullet.png A duplicate Page
Lbullet.png Contains Plagiarised Content
Lbullet.png Contains Vandalism, spam, or any kind of improper information for the wiki.

If one of the pages comes under one of the said categories then use the the following syntax to flag it; {{Deletion|reason=REASON HERE}}. Once it had bee flagged for deletion it will automatically be categoried into Category:Pages Flagged For Deletion which is checked daily by a staff member. If you feel the need to take any further action on what it added to page please contact the respectable staff member or wikiadmin.

Why has my page been deleted?!
A staff member shall delete a page if it falls under the following categories;
Lbullet.png Page contains spam, Plagiarised content or any kind of improper information
Lbullet.png If it's been flagged for deletion
Lbullet.png If the page is a duplicate
Lbullet.png If the page is no longer needed
Lbullet.png The page is prone to vandalism

If you find a page has been deleted and falls under any of those categories then please try to contact the staff member via their

What does a Flagged Page look like?
If a page has been flagged for deletion it will have a sign at the top of the page which looks like this:

File Deletion
Much like pages, images can also be flagged for deletion, much like this file. Please only flag a page for deletion if...
Lbullet.png The image is low quality/blurry
Lbullet.png Isn't appropriate for the wiki (eg Pornography, Racism etc)
Lbullet.png File is a duplicate
Lbullet.png File is too small

Please note that even if the pages are not flagged and a staff member sees it, it will be deleted, with a warning PM in relation to what you have submitted.