Categories play a major role in keeping the wiki organised. Adding a category to a page is somewhat like putting it into an index. Still confused? Then use the Shinigami page as an example. If you look at the very bottom of the page you'll see something like

Categories: Miscellaneous | Shinigami

This means the page has been categorised into both Shinigami and Miscellaneous. By clicking on the respective links you can see the other pages also categorised into that specific category.


[edit] How to add Categories to a Page

To add a category to a page simple input the following syntax; [[category:Category Name]]. This can be added anywhere on the page, it will always appear on the bottom. By adding more of these syntax's you can add more templates to the page. With reference to the Shinigami page again, the syntax used was; [[Category:Miscellaneous]][[Category:Shinigami]].

[edit] Linking to Categories

To link to a category, input [[:Category:Category Name|Link name]], please note the use of the Colon (:) before the Category. If the Link name isn't added to the syntax that the link will appear as Category:Category Name.

[edit] Page Location in a Category

By clicking on Categories you get a list of all the categories on the wiki. As pages are added they are then listed alphabetically (automatically with use the of the {{FULLPAGENAME}} namespace), this will apply to things like Templates and Help pages, when categories they will be put under 'T' for Template and 'H' for help page within their categories, but if you add {{PAGENAME}} after the main syntax (before closing it) the 'Help:' or 'Template:' part of the name will be ignored. To see this in action go to Category:Templates. Example; If I were categorising a Template and input the following; [[Category:Sample Template|{{PAGENAME}}]], this will now be categorised under 'S' for 'Sample Template', rather than 'T' for 'Template:Sample Template'.

[edit] Adding Sub-Categories

Sub-Categories are Categories that have been categorised into another category. For example if I wanted to add Category:Shinigami as a Sub-Category to Category:Miscellaneous then I would have to then go to the Shinigami Category page and add [[Category:Miscellaneous]] to the page. The category will then appear under 'Sub-Categories' in the Miscellanous category.