Shinigami Rank: 13
Gender: Male
Likes: Misa Amane
Dislikes: Writing
Purpose: Saving Misa's Life

Gelus (Jealous) is a minor character in the anime and manga series, Death Note. He is shown briefly in a flash back, but still has a very crucial role in the story's progression.

[edit] Character Summary

Gelus' story is relayed to Misa via Rem, in an attempt to describe how to kill a shinigami. During this story, it is never explicitly stated that the girl therein is Misa, however the flashback showed images of her. It is assumed that Misa knows this.

Gelus is a shinigami shares many qualities with Ryuk. He is bored of the shinigami world and the act of writing names for no reason but to live longer. He refrains from writing and instead prefers to spend all of his time peering into the human world. One day, he sees a girl, Misa Amane, and fall in love. He spends all of his time watching her play out her life. One day, a mugger chases Misa, and Gelus sees that her time has almost come. He hurriedly writes the name of Misa's attacker into his Death Note, killing the would-be murderer. It is against the laws of the Shinigami world to use the Death Note for extending a life other than one's own, because of this, Gelus turns to dust. Rem, who has been watching him for some time now, reaches for the fallen shinigami's Death Note in vain. As Misa looks in awe at her now dead attacker, Gelus' Death Note falls at her feet. Rem quickly touches the Note, making it hers and allowing Misa to see her.

[edit] Appearance

Gelus takes the appearance of a crudely patch worked doll.

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