Type: Manga
Release Date (Japanese): February 2, 2004
Release Date (English): October 10, 2005
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
No. of Pages: 25
ISBN (Japanese): 4-08-873621-4
ISBN (English): 1-4215-0168-6

Family is the third chapter of volume 1. We start in the Shinigami World, Shinigami's are discussing what happened to Ryuk. Meanwhile Light Yagami and Ryuk are in the bedroom talking about the amount of attention L and Kira get from the media, Light seems bored of it unlike he did in L (chapter) where he seemed quite excited about it. Light is second guessing himself, he isn't confident that he can stay undetected using the death note now. Suddenly the door is trying to be opened, Light hides the Death Note and opens the door. It is Sayu Yagami, Lights sister, Ryuk at this point tells Light that if another human touches the Death Note, they can see Ryuk too. Sayu laughs at Light, she thinks he is reading "dirty" magazines but Light says he is reading the L and Kira article because he wants to become the director of the National Police Agency (NPA), this confuses Ryuk.

We move to the mystery detective L, who is in a room on his own with a laptop. We move on to the Special Investigative Force at the NPA. The latop that L spoke from to Interpol is in the room, as is Watari. The force are working hard to collect the data L requests for the investigation.

Later on that day the chief is leaving the NPA building when a man who also works in the investigations runs up behind him. Matsuda is not sure whether he should applaud Kira for dropping crime rates or help catch him, the chief tells him Kira is a homicidal maniac.

We return to Light who is helping Sayu with her homework, their mother shouts them for dinner. Light opens his door to find the NPA chief outside, he is revealed as Lights Father. Soichiro Yagami is stressed because as he says to his family, he is working on a "tough case".

Light returns to his bedroom and locks the door, Ryuk says that the investigation not only knows about him being in Kanto but also he's a student. Light says he has been showing it on purpose and that he is going to change the times of deaths of the heart attacks by adding conditions to each death.

3 days later in the NPA they are confused as to if Kira is a student now that the deaths are every hour. L tells them that Kira just wants to say he can manipulate the times of deaths as much as he likes.

Finally we end with Light walking down the street. He is paranoid and takes his Death Note everywhere. He thinks if he isn't careful he'll end up killing his own family.

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