Type: Manga
Release Date (Japanese): February 2, 2004
Release Date (English): October 10, 2005
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
No. of Pages: 18
ISBN (Japanese): 4-08-873621-4
ISBN (English): 1-4215-0168-6

Eyeballs is the fifth chapter of the first volume. We begin where Electric Current left off, L is now talking to Watari enquiring about the FBI's progress with investigating the Japanese Police.

We join Light Yagami and Ryuk walking outside, Ryuk decides to tell Light that no matter what happens he is neither on Light's of L's side. Light simply says he already knew. Ryuk goes on to say that Light has been followed for 2 days, and it makes him feel uncomfortable not saying it. Light goes on to say he'll get rid of him soon as possible. Light arrives home and retires to his room. He is trying to work out who is investigating the japanese police. He comes to the conclusion that he must find out the name of the person following him, he asks Ryuk. Ryuk tells Light that shinigami's who use the death note can kill people prematurely, so if they where to die at 60 but the shinigami writes the name down at 40, the shinigami get 20 years added to there own lifespan. He also tells him that shinigami's are no longer interested with the human world and only bother to kill people over the desire to live. Ryuk tells Light that a shinigami usually kills the first person they see because of Shinigami Eyes, with them you can look at any person and see their name and lifespan.

Ryuk now goes onto propose a trade, in exchange for half of Light's lifespan he will give Light Shinigami eyes, so Light also can see the names and lifespans of people. We end with Light looking very tempted by this deal.

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