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Developers: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date(s): February 15, 2007 (JP)
Genre: Mystery-Adventure/Strategy
Mode(s): 1-2 Player
Perspective: First Person

Death Note Kira's Game (デスノート キラゲーム, Desu Nōto Kira Gēmu) is the first of three Japan-exclusive Death Note video games created by Konami for the Nintendo DS system. The games hold multiple options such as multi-player and story ode as well as a total of 19 playable characters which an be unlocked throughout the course of the game.


[edit] Gameplay

You play as a character and act under the roles of either L or Light (Kira). No matter who you play as the story still plays out in the same way, you each take your turn as to who you think is Kir and punish your opponent before you lose (i.e Getting arrested). For each vote given, you will loose/earn proposal points which then - depending on your vote - will increase or decrease the suspicion level of a character (as shown in red) or how trustworthy they are (shown in blue), and by the end the character with the most checks will be the most likely to be accused as Kira. If the trust level of a character i high then they are less likely to argue with a person or people they trust, however the enemy also has the same strategy. It is said to play much like the DS game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

[edit] Kira

Out of the two roles. Kira has the ost advantages. For example, if a character has 100% trust toward you as Kira then they are likely to give you a hint as to who isn't L. Not only hhe chance to kill someone off as Kira and get the chance to kill L. If you kill off someone who isn't L your proposal points are deducted by 50%.

[edit] L

If you play as L after each round of voting you will get to see who is Kira. If a character has a "X" beside there name then they are not Kira, if they have two circles then that is Kira. If you kill off a character who isn't Kira your max proposal points are reduced by 20.

Playable Characters

Lbullet.png Light
Lbullet.png Misa Amane
Lbullet.png Soichiro Yagami
Lbullet.png Touta Matsuda
Lbullet.png Shuichi Aizawa
Lbullet.png Kanzo Mogi
Lbullet.png Namikawa
Lbullet.png Ooi
Lbullet.png Near
Lbullet.png Mello
Lbullet.png Teru Mikami
Lbullet.png Neo Light
Lbullet.png Raye Penber
Lbullet.png Kiyomi Takada
Lbullet.png Kyosuke Higuchi
Lbullet.png Naomi Misora
Lbullet.png Lawliet
Lbullet.png Watari

Non-Playable Characters

Lbullet.png Ryuk
Lbullet.png Rem

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