Slots Confluence One

Type: Manga
Release Date (Japanese): July 2, 2004
Release Date (English): November 8, 2005
Volume: 2
Chapter: 10
No. of Pages: 23
ISBN (Japanese): 4-08-873631-1
ISBN (English): 1-4215-0169-4

[edit] Chapter Summary

The chapter begins with Ray's fiancee heading out to the bus with the jacking and she began to ask the driver if he saw her fiancee he said he remembered because he was the man that yelled get down but he said he couldn't remember any of the other passengers, she thanked him and left. At Light's house he chuckles at the newspaper articles in the newspaper paper and the upcoming TV shows on Kira, he sister though still teases him that he will most likely watch it. He then heads to his room to study for more exams and finds that his dad does not get New Years off. Light's dad at the police HQ begins to tell all the workers that there is a high chance they all maybe killed and that if they want back down they may do so now, but he said to all those brave enough to stay and fight be where they are now at 5 o' clock after his meeting. As he walks back he slowly opens the door and finds that there are only five men including himself L and Watari that makes Eight. L on the computer begins to discuss with the seven about his trust in them and one man says "How can we trust him when he doesn't even show us his face?" Others begin to agree and tell L that they will on the Kira case but only if he shows his face, and others explain that many other people doubt L and some even believe he is Kira. The group continue arguing but L finally speaks out and says, "I trusted only you people" L then explains that he will be meeting them very soon and that none of these meetings may be discussed with anyone. After that the group stands in the hallway discussing the matter more some of them still doubt L but you Mr. Yagami says that L wanted it this way so once many of the workers had resigned there would be a select few people that he knew he could trust. They go back in and another one of L's messages appears it read:

"I am in the Teito Hotel"

He says that he will be switching from hotel to hotel and each different one he is at will be there current headquarters, he also mentions the time of there arrival, he sais it should be before midnight meaning before 2004. L looks out of his window and ponders Kira's next moves and tells himself he will finally reveal his physical identity as L. And back at the Yagami household Light talks to Ryuk about the various moves he has been making recently and wonders has he made a mistake in his wide array of maneuvers.

The FIve head up the apartment elevator then to L's room, Mr. Yagami knocks and a voice from the other side replies...

"I've been expecting you.Please come in"

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