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Epic: Would it be better to somehow order these so they are in the proper chapter order, but still under the category, rather than alphabetically? [If that's possible?]

L: I'd imagine we'd have to make a table for it, although I am not brilliant when it comes to wiki-tags so it may take some research.

Dark Light: can we call them chapter 1, 2 3, 4 5, it's confusing having them by their titles.

L: They are the names of the chapters though, so they are staying like that. But I am not against adding a table to this page or creating a page called List of Death Note chapters with a table. We could number them and keep the title name that way.

L: I have come up with a solution that at least temporarily brings some order to the manga, I have added "Previous Chapter" and "Next Chapter" links to all manga articles, I will continue adding them to all future articles also.

Zeta: Here is what i did for the Bleach Wiki:

Link each Manga Chapter Page to the Manga Volume

And then from the manga volume page, link to each chapter in the volume

L: I think I have solved the list problem now: List of Death Note chapters