N/a Boredom L

Type: Manga
Release Date (Japanese): February 2, 2004
Release Date (English): October 10, 2005
Volume: 1
Chapter: 1
No. of Pages: 50
ISBN (Japanese): 4-08-873621-4
ISBN (English): 1-4215-0168-6

[edit] Summary

Light Yagami discovers Ryuk’s notebook, thinking it is some sort of prank he takes it home. From then we skip to 5 days later, Light seems like a different person from the one we see at the beginning. Again Light has arrived home, goes to his room. Behind him Ryuk shows himself, Light seems scared but once Ryuk introduces himself as a Shinigami he seems strangely prepared. Light shows Ryuk that he has filled pages of the Death Note. We go back 5 days to the point Light discovers the Death Note is real. He writes the name of a criminal on television who is holding hostages, the criminal ends up dead but Light takes this a mere coincidence and seeks more proof. Later that day he is in a shop, he see’s a gang of men on motorcycles approach a women, they start hassling the women - Light, still watching, writes the leaders name in the Death Note along with a description of how he dies. Soon after the gang leader dies in the exact away Light writes, confirming to Light that the Death Note is real. Light is left shocked, he is convincing himself that what he did was right and that the world is rotten.

We come back to 5 days later with Light explaining to Ryuk that he will change the world by passing judgement to criminal. He wants to become god of the new world that he plans to create.

We move now to an Interpol meeting, police from around the world are discussing how all the criminals are dieing. The volume ends with a lone person is watching on a computer, he wants to help the investigation.

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